Winter Service Tips for Cars in Amarillo

December 18th, 2013 by

winter service

It’s below freezing in Amarillo right now as we write this! It seems like the chilly temperatures are going to stick for a while. Unfortunately, a drop in degrees can mean unexpected car trouble. Southwest Honda is here to help you avoid the trouble by prepping your car for the rest of winter. Here are a few tips for you to keep in mind to ensure your car’s optimal performance this season:

Inspect your tires.

You need your tires to be in excellent shape in the winter. Insufficient tire tread and icy roads can be a dangerous combination. It’s also essential to get your tire inflation checked because cold temperatures can deflate your tires pretty significantly.

Check your cooling system.

Winter temperatures affect coolant levels. So, it’s best to have your cooling system flushed and replace your fluids. This will prevent unnecessary damage to your engine and could save you a lot of trouble and money in the long run.

Pay attention to minor performance issues.

If your car is hesitating or underperforming in any way, get it checked out. Harsh winter conditions often make existing issues worse. It’s also a good idea to inspect minor things like your air filters and wiper blades. These seemingly insignificant components make a big difference in the day-to-day performance of your vehicle.

Make sure your heater and defroster are working.

There’s nothing worse than a car heater or defroster that doesn’t work in the middle of winter. Now’s the perfect time to make sure both are in good working order, especially if you suspect there may be something amiss.

These are some of the most important things you should do this winter to keep your car functioning well. Visit the Southwest Honda service center if you’d like us to help you out with the maintenance of your Honda, and stay warm!

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